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New Posts News and Information
of importance to all readers of this web site.
3726 7264 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
New Posts Plaudits and Pundits
Have a suggestion, criticism or a question? Post your comments here, unless they are something that needs immediate attention. In that case please use our feedback form.
663 1904 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
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New Posts Gravitational Lensing
Discussions of real Einstein rings and ring arcs caused by strong foreground gravitating masses, and pseudo-gravitational lenses that are probably foreground quasars producing multiple images by refraction when their jets are pointed our way.
20 448 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
New Posts Gravity & Relativity
Observational evidence suggests that gravity propagates faster than the speed of light. How can such evidence be reconciled with Special Relativity? What is the physical nature of gravity?
3669 20340 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
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New Posts Big Science and Big Government
Scientific exploration has always depended on the generosity of patrons. For most of mankind's history such patronage came from governments and religions. Briefly (beginning in the 1800s) patronage came mostly from private citizens, especially in the USA. By the mid 1900s we were back to primarily government funding.

This does have an impact on the nature and quality and quantity of science that gets done. Do your out-loud-thinking about such issues here.
10 621 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
New Posts Meta Science
Scientific methodology. How Meta science distinguishes itself from mainstream science and from alternative or other replacement models.
192 7036 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
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New Posts Artificial Structures on Mars
images suggesting artifiality and criteria for significance thereof.
680 13223 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
New Posts Exploded Planet Hypothesis
A place to explore the idea that the asteroids and comets are left over fragments from planetary explosions rather than left over fragments from the creation of the solar system that never gathered together into a larger body.
10 275 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
New Posts Origin of Solar System
Specializes in problems with the primeval solar nebula hypothesis and the pros and cons of the fission hypothesis for the origin of planets and moons.
114 4379 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
New Posts Terrestrial Science
How does our own planet act and react to the forces of nature? Where does Earth's excess heat originate? What are the effects of other planets on our own?
48 1378 05/28/2015
by: Lin Cornelison
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Old Posts Anything of interest
Paid-up Meta Research Supporting Members can email <tomvf@metaresearch.org> with your Message Board UserName and your real name (as in Meta Research membership records) to get admitted to this forum.
15 140 05/06/2009
by: Larry Burford
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