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Tom Van Flandern

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Tom Van Flandern received his Ph.D. degree in Astronomy, specializing in celestial mechanics (the theory of orbits), from Yale University in 1969. He spent 21 years (1963-1983) at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., where he became the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch of the Nautical Almanac Office.


During the past decade, Tom has been a Research Associate at the Univ. of Maryland Physics Department in College Park, MD, and a consultant to the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD, working on improving the accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS). He and his wife moved to Sequim in 2005 to be nearer children and grandchildren and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific NW.


In 1991, Tom helped form an astronomy research organization, Meta Research, to foster inquiry into worthy ideas not otherwise supported solely because they conflict with mainstream theories in astronomy. Among the organizationís significant contributions are:

      Evidence against the Big Bang and for a better theory of the origin and nature of the universe

      Experimental evidence that gravity propagates much faster than light, and a new model for the origin and nature of gravity

      Prediction of asteroid and comet satellites years before their discovery

      New evidence favoring the exploded planet hypothesis, and new models for the origin of asteroids, comets, and the solar system

      Strong hints that certain anomalies seen on Mars are not of natural origin


Tom is editor of the Meta Research Bulletin, which specializes in reporting anomalies and evidence that does not fit with standard theories in astronomy. He also authored the book "Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets" about his original astronomy research, and organizes astronomical expeditions to solar eclipses, meteor storms and other celestial events.


During his career as a professional research astronomer, Tom has been honored by a prize from the Gravity Research Foundation; served on the Council of American Astronomical Society's Division on Dynamical Astronomy; taught astronomy at the University of South Florida and to Navy Department employees; been a consultant to NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab; and done several spots for the "Project Universe" series for public TV.

Want more information? Read the resume and bibliography of Tom Van Flandern. A high-resolution photograph (22MB TIF of image below) is also available.

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